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Deliveries to you

Nutricia Homeward will deliver to you every 28 days. This means you will have 13 scheduled deliveries per year. We may occasionally have to send a delivery outside of this delivery cycle. This may happen if you need extra supplies, or if we are instructed to send something different or new. We will let you know when this happens.

Nutricia Homeward will provide you with a printed annual delivery calendar to specify your scheduled delivery dates throughout the year. If your scheduled delivery date is not convenient please let your Nutricia Homeward Patient Coordinator know.

Your Nutricia Homeward Patient Coordinator can also talk you through how we manage deliveries around the longer public holidays in the UK such as Easter and Christmas – please see the Contact Nutricia Homeward tab above.

Notification of delivery:

Nutricia Homeward also offers a “Text Ahead” reminder service. A first text is sent the day before the delivery to confirm whether your delivery will be in the morning or afternoon. A second text is sent an hour before the delivery.

Text ahead

Our Drivers:

Nutricia Homeward work in partnership with CEVA Logistics and operate a dedicated delivery service with Nutricia Homeward drivers. All drivers carry ID, are DBS checked and have received specialist training to understand tube feeding. If required, your Nutricia Homeward delivery driver will carry heavy boxes into your house and rotate your feed supplies for you.


Nutricia Homeward drivers can also collect supplies you no longer require or pumps which need servicing. It is always best to speak to a Nutricia Homeward Patient Coordinator before your next delivery so that this can be arranged. You can do this by contacting us on the Contact Nutricia Homeward tab.

Occasionally for emergency deliveries we may need to use drivers from other companies, these drivers cannot collect items from you, therefore please contact your Nutricia Homeward Patient Coordinator if a collection is needed