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Ordering your supplies

Nutricia Homeward are here to support people who tube feed, with deliveries of their feed and equipment each month to their home.

Each month we contact you to check the supplies you need and then arrange a delivery for the coming month.

There are two main ways we manage this process; by phone with a Nutricia Homeward Patient Coordinator, or using our online system.

We can also arrange your next delivery by email, text or through a translation service if needed. Your Nutricia Homeward Patient Coordinators can help you find the best option for you. Details are listed below.


Our Nutricia Homeward Patient Coordinators will call you a week before your delivery is due. If you are out they will leave you a message and keep trying to contact you.

They will check what feed and equipment you have left and calculate what you need delivered for the next month.

Ordering Supplies


The number to contact your Nutricia Homeward Patient Coordinator on during office hours is 0800 093 3672, details of this and their hours are listed in the Contact Nutricia Homeward tab above.

Your Nutricia Homeward Patient Coordinator can also support you with:

  • Feed or equipment questions
  • Delivery enquiries
  • Registering a change of address or other details
  • Arranging alternative delivery arrangements
  • Setting up text services or registering to order online
  • Calls are recorded for training purposes.

    If our telephone lines are busy when you call you have the option to hold, leave a message or request a call back.

    Online Ordering:

    Nutricia Homeward has an online system which allows you to complete your monthly order of feed and equipment when convenient for you. Please click the link above to register.

    The link to the Registration or Login page for this system can be found by clicking here.

    The system is easy to use, safe and secure. Once registered, you will receive an email a week before your delivery is due asking you to confirm your next month’s order. You will then receive an email confirmation and delivery date.

    Choosing to use the online ordering system will not change your date of delivery

    Ordering Online

    We kindly request that you treat all Nutricia Homeward staff with courtesy and respect. Any form of abuse will not be tolerated and may result in the termination of telephone calls.