Nutricia recommends PINNT

Welcome to PINNT...

Imagine being unable to nourish your body from normal food and drink...

Instead you have to rely on liquid nutrients being pumped or infused into your body through a tube. This is your lifeline. Hopefully you won't be in hospital but will be in the comfort of your own surroundings.

The PINNT site is intended for all nutrition patients and their carers. We also welcome and work with healthcare professionals, industry (in relation to products and services) and the general public and of course, PINNT members, both adults and children.

To visit the PINNT website and find out more, please click on the PINNT image above, click this link, or copy this link into your web browser:

PINNT holds local meetings across the country. Please click on the invites below to find out more about local events in your area.

Bristol PINNT Invitation - 18th April 2018