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Your Feeding Pump

Depending on your needs, your healthcare professional may recommend that you use a feeding pump called the Nutricia Flocare Infinity pump.


This pump will either be given to you when you are discharged from hospital - with a stand for the pump and your feed to hang on - or it will be sent by Nutricia Homeward on instruction from your healthcare professional.

This pump is on loan to you therefore please return it when you no longer need it. Your Nutricia Homeward Patient Coordinators can arrange collection Contact Nutricia Homeward tab.

Your healthcare professional or your Nutricia Homeward Enteral Nurse Specialist will train you how to use your pump and how to program it to deliver your feed at the right speed. User guides are also available to help you. (Please click here for a copy of the Flocare Infinity user guide)

Online training on the use of the Nutricia Flocare Infinity pump can also be accessed via the link http://www.nutriciaflocare.com/infinity_pump.php

Pump stands: Two stands are available for the pump.

The larger stand is called a Z-Stand and is designed for use around the home or overnight feeding.

The smaller stand is called the Go-Frame, and is useful if you want to use the pump in a backpack.

Z-Stand Go-Frame Backpacks
Z Stand

Go Frame

Backpacks – compatible with the Go-Frame are also available through Nutricia Homeward – contact us for more information

Back Pack


Pump serial number locations

It is important for us to keep track of your pump so we know when it needs to be serviced. Your Nutricia Homeward Patient Coordinator will ask you for the serial number on your pump to check it matches our records.

It can be located on the side of your pump next to the charger point shown in the image here.

Pump Serial